Final Presidential Debate #PaceVotes16

twitter-screen-shotsTopics discussed during the final debate of the Presidential election included issues such as the Supreme Court, Women’s rights and abortion, immigration, and the economy. Pace University students and staff alike, took to Twitter using the hashtag #PaceVotes16 to share their thoughts on the debate.

A Political discussion was sparked this morning as a student in the Pace NYC Campus, ENG201A, pulls out the courtesy copy of the Wall Street Journal , provided by Pace, with a photo of the two candidates debating last night in the University of Las Vegas Nevada, on the front cover. Some faculty members are told to refrain from “heated” discussions such as religion and politics,, but that didn’t stop the students from discussing a memorable and historic election. Opinions were shared as one Pace student, Female Undergraduate in Business Administration, said:

I feel like there is a double standard with a woman running for President. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Hillary and I’m also not a Trump supporter, but it’s as if Donald Trump has to watch what he says or how he interacts with Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.”

Another Pace student said:

Donald Trump is a liar. He says things that just doesn’t make sense. He did, however, do better in this debate, compared to the rest.

Now that the voter registration date has passed, we are days away from election day. On November 8th, United States citizens and Pace students, will take their views of each candidate running, and turn it into a vote that counts. For more information on where to vote if already registered, click here. Simply enter an address and you will be directed to a site that shows you where polls are located. If you are unsure if you are registered in NY, click here. If out of state during the election click here for an absentee ballet.


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