Pace University Transportation. Shuttle Bus or Metro North? You decide.

As a commuter student at Pace University – Pleasantville, not only was it important to me to research my transportation options to and from New York City, it was also important to save money doing it. A 5 minute phone call to the Metro North railroad, fares department, quickly debunked the “saving money” aspect of this blog, as I was told that College students are not eligible for discounts on fares; only primary and secondary schools.

With that out-of-the-way, my next phone call was to the Director of Transportation at the Pleasantville Campus. The Director of transportation Francoise Eugene sated she tried asking for a discount for our University students on several occasions but was denied each time. The Pace shuttle bus schedule is conveniently accessible via the University App. Some options include to and from the NYC campus to Pleasantville (PLV), as well as transportation between the Metro North station (Memorial Plaza) and Pleasantville campus (multiple locations). There are 4 routes taking students from NYC to PLV, with the first shuttle arriving in PLV at 1:40pm.

It was brought to my attention that there is a budget that Pace University is given for their transportation, which limits the amount of routes offered to students. For example, if another route needs to be added to any of the shuttle stops, a driver needs to be paid, as well as tolls etc. More routes equal more money. According to Ms. Eugene, if we, as commuter students, want more routes added and/or more frequently to help us save money, we need to bring it up at the next community meeting. That date could not be found or told to me. What are your thoughts on the frequency of our shuttle buses? Are you satisfied? Dissatisfied? Or Neutral? Why or why not? Please find results from the latest transportation survey here, conducted in 2014.


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