Pace University Transfer Student Orientation: An appreciated success

Remember being a child and your parent(s) took you to the park but you didn’t want to leave their side? The thought of leaving something comfortable, was unbearable. Now imagine changing Universities after being comfortable where you were? Similarly, that’s how some of the students felt during the transfer student orientation at Pace University, Pleasantville, Friday September 2.

There were over 150 students in attendance that day. There were 6 volunteer leaders; one for every school, as well as a dozen other volunteers assisting with financial aid questions, admissions, residential life etc. These volunteers are also students at Pace University, and during the course of orientation, they acted as our mentors. Some individuals may find the orientation a hassle or burden, but not for all. I do not remember the individuals’ names at this time, however, there were 2 young ladies, juniors, who were the most helpful. I needed special assistance with an admissions deposit, but this deviated from the normal schedule that was laid out by the Pace staff and faculty. One helpful young lady “held my hand” through the process with a smile on her face every second of the way. I felt like a burden but she assured me that she did not mind at all, as long as I was getting done what needed to get done.

I overheard the young lady say to a friend in the Student Government office, “I still haven’t figured out what I want to do after graduation. I’m not interested in Business; I really think I enjoy helping students with their academic needs. Pointing them to the right direction and helping them discover what their passions are. Yea, I think that’s what I want to do!”

This is for the young ladies who made me feel comfortable on the playground.

Thank you.


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